Step One: Category

(To help you get started, some examples are given here: If you are registering a website that contains some photographs, select Website and Online Works. For a sound recording, if you are also seeking registration for the underlying lyrics, music composition, arrangement, etc., select Sound Recordings. The information you enter will be used to prepare your application in accordance with the U.S. Copyright Office deposit requirements. The Title you enter will appear on the official Copyright Office Registration to identify the work, and thus, the title should be an identifying phrase.)

(Examples: Website, Logo Artwork, Song Lyrics, Literary Work, Photograph(s), Musical Recording, Screenplay, Jewelry Design, Etc.)

Creation and Publication

(If a work has been prepared over a period of time, use the year that the most recent version was completed. You can ignore the time taken to make any minor changes/ adjustments in your work.)

(A work is considered to be “published” when copies are distributed to the general public/ target audience through sale, lease, or lending. Mere printing or making copies of your work is not considered to “publication of your work.” For a website, if it has already been posted to the Internet, it is considered published. Note: Publication is not a requirement for copyright registration. Publication is defined as the distribution of copies of a work to the public by sale or transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending. A work is also published if there has been an offering to distribute copies to a group of persons for purposes of further distribution, public performance, or public display. The public display of a work, without more, is not considered publication.)