In This Agreement the terms have the following meaning:

“Copyright Registration Online” or “” is the trade name of World Wide Marketing, a company registered in United States of America

“The User” means any person, company, partnership, and organization or body which Copyright Registration Online supplies services. “Material” refers to the registered work (computer files) that a user may email or upload.


The maximum number of attachments per email (or upload) is 10 an no file larger then 500mb.

Copyright Registration Online reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of service.


Copyright Registration Online does not claim to provide any legal/statutory protection or copyright registration, nor does it guarantee that the user owns the copyright for the material. The service provided is strictly to help users register their work for copyright protection with the United States Library of Congress

By using the service, the user agrees;

To being the original author and creator of the material, and is responsible for it′s originality, authenticity. That the material does not infringe in anyway with any 3rd party copyright claims and agrees that this indemnifies from any such claims.


Copyright Registration Online will protect users information and will never revel your work to anyone besides our registration specialists and the United States Library of Congress. Work entries are 100% handled and recorded by our protected server whenever submitted. All work passwords are safely encoded in our a database so just our register specialist will know what these are.


Once Copyright Registry Online has emailed the customer copyright registration case number/service request number, services are considered rendered.  When the filing fee declines we email the customer their service request number. This translates to we have already completed creating their copyright account so therefore, the service fee is non-refundable.  If they choose to not respond with payment for the filing fee, the service fee is still non-refundable as the Copyright Registry Online has already set up the account for the customer.

There are no refunds after registration has been submitted to Library of Congress and a case number has been provided. There will be only a partial refund of 50% of service fee after user submits application form and administrative work has begun.

Copyright Registry is not responsible if your work is not accepted by the US Copyright Office. No refunds are issued. All fees are non refundable.


By giving Copyright Registration Online your Visa data, you are approving us to charge your card for the administrations you have requested and for any other related expenses and costs. You likewise consent to remain by the terms of your charge card company. Copyright Registration Online charges these expenses where needed to complete the registration of of users copyright case file. Filing fees vary depending on material to be protected and number of authors added to registration.


We offer our restricted Money Back Guarantee. As you request a refund before we finish your registration we will discount your payment less the expense for administration work previously rendered. The particular points of this money back guarantee are as per the following:
When Copyright Registration Online has started handling your request yet has not finished, we will discount your initial fee less a fifty dollar ($50.00) administration fee. When we have messaged you your copyright case number registration services are considered rendered and there is no discount or returns. The request for filing can not be stopped and no charges can be returned regardless of the situation. Filling out an application does not ensure an effective documenting.

Non-Disparagement Clause

At no time will any user under penalty of law post negative comments on any other websites causing possible damage to Copyright Registration Online’s reputation. Doing so user is agreeing to pay a fee of $500.

Merchant Chargeback

If user charges back the service fee with their credit card company after registration has been submitted. User will be responsible for all administration or legal fees paid in order to recover time and money lost. The fee user will be liable for is either $250 or $270 depending on service filing fees. Until these fees are paid in full Copyright Registry Online will have complete ownership and control of users copyright registration.

Customer agrees that they may not, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, attempt a chargeback of any credit card payments made to Agency. In the case that Customer attempts to chargeback a credit card payment made to Agency, Customer understands and agrees that they will be liable for a penalty fee equal to 3 times the originally charges that were charged back, in addition to any and all expenses or losses incurred by Agency in its pursuit to defend and/or reverse the chargeback attempt, including but not limited to legal fees, time spent documenting and communicating about the matter with Client, banks, legal experts, etc.

Other Services Information

Copyright Registration Online maintains whatever authority is needed to change, alter, adjust or erase anything in an application at its sole digression. Copyright Registration Online further maintains whatever authority is needed to change prices, give discounts, apply special rates and make any changes necessary in regards to filing a users case registration to be suitable suitable and have the best chance in a successful registration.